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Ozshock - Enhance Shaman

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1 Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:57 am

Ozshock - Enhance Shaman

Preferred Talent build:

Stat Priority:
hit/exp cap > Crit/Mastery > Agil > extra hit > haste

Prime - Feral Spirit (makes a CD hit harder), Lava Lash (our highest hitting ability), Stormstrike (all our dmg is nature)
Major - Lightening Shield (saves having to check on charges left), Hex (CC becomes easier...quicker to reCC if it breaks), Stoneclaw totem (every 20secs gives me 12k absorb shield...cant beat it)
only minor that matters in renewed life...no mats required for ankh.

currently no rare patterns available at this point in cata but im max LW so can make the next tier stuff straight away if needed.

i play Wow from Perth WA...DS means i play an hour earlier that i usually would.

currently the only players i know from reform are Foron and Nemish, who recently joined you from my current guild...they will speak very highly of me as i raid well always come prepared and are willing to help anyone with virtually anything.

been raiding since vanilla in a guild that i cant remember...Lead my own guild in BC called We Wiped On Chess (bit cheesy but it was fun XD) raided in several guild in WOTLK but didnt get far progression wise until i joined Devils Own which was also with Foron and Nemish...they left that guild to create Revelation. Now seeking to join you cause without them i wouldnt be raiding, and i still want to raid Smile

unfortunately no screenie of DPS or what not for you to peruse...but Foron and Nemish can tell you i was always at the top of the meters and i almost always did everything needed of me in any particular encounter.

total time played is 27 days on my shaman...but ive been playing the game now for 5 years. This is my second account as i sold my first during gap between TOC and ICC in wotlk just before i joined Devils Own on the shaman. i sold it because RL friends had stopped playing as well...but i got withdrawls Smile.

PVE experience ive detailed above...Vanilla in MC and BWL...got halfway through SSC/TK in BC and downed LK in wotlk with Devils Own. Curently killed all bar 3 bosses in Cata content.

Nem and Foron will tell you im self sufficient...i power lvled LW just as Cata came out after i hit 85...spent about 50-60k gold on it and have never payed real money for wow gold.

i noticed on your site you raid wed/thurs/sun...unfortunately i can only make thurs night of those 3 but i can make myself available most fridays and every monday...would really like to raid with Foron and Nemish again, both are great people and players. On a side note i can make a couple of wednesdays...i play indoor cricket that night but sometimes i can sit out or its too late a game for me...i work early mornings.

never taken a screenshot of my UI...used blizzards since vanilla and never had a problem with my perofrmance...i dont think any other UI would make me perform better.

Michael Jackson is sitting in a spa with 3 children...a white foamy substance bubbles to the surface and Michael turns to the children and says "right...who farted..."

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2 Re: Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:22 am

"Lead my own guild in BC called We Wiped On Chess (bit cheesy but it was fun XD)"

I was in that guild while I was levelling my second druid. Tixt doesn't play anymore Sad

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3 Re: Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:45 am

i remember tixt...what character did you play?

i either played Zambosa, warrior tank...Tharandor shadow priest or Rainon/Dentul was a hunter.

cant remember which i was playing at the time

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4 Re: Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:47 am

Druid ofc Smile

I wasn't there for long and just as a levelling toon/friend of Tixt.

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5 Re: Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:19 am

LOL so it was ur guild:P

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6 Re: Ozshock - Enhance Shaman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:41 pm

pst Luminastus Unholysin Erick or myself in game.

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