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Gayliana - Prot War

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1Gayliana - Prot War Empty Gayliana - Prot War on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:11 am

Gayliana - Warrior (Protection)

1. Do you have our required raiding mods (if not you will be required to have them before your first raid):
- oRA3 – Yes
- Omen3 Threat Meter – Yes
- Deus Vox Encounters – (will install well before the first raid)
- EPGP Lootmaster – No (will install well before the first raid)

2. Character

Currently i'm in my prot gear with fury spec due to the soloing capacity of warrior in old vanilla raid.

Will be in full spec, full gear and full gems when i hit heroic/raid ilevel.

3. Is this the character you spend most / all of your time on?
Yes when cataclysm kick in.

4. Did you level this character from 1-80? (required)
Yes, LEARN alot from this character.

5. Do you have any worthy alts?
http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thaurissan&cn=Wtfhaxor (Ferel Druid)

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thaurissan&cn=Dazzlehoff (Muti rogue, just not spec yet due to 4.0.1

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thaurissan&cn=Missemomuch (Holy Priest, Not geared at all)

and last

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thaurissan&cn=Beliana (Badly geared, i think she in retirement.)

6. What is your preferred talent build? If you play a hybrid class, will you be able to respec according to the raid group's needs? If so, what other talent builds can you accommodate (skill wise and gear wise)?

Well my preferred talent build for my warrior is Prot because i have alot more raid experience with this spec but i be willing to switch different spec such as Deep Wound prot (for Quick TPS) or Survival spec, which include imp demo shout etc etc...

(I'm not sure if this is in the talent of prot war anymore, I probably need to go through all the prot warrior change through practical learning when leveling from 80-85.)

7. Please briefly explain how your class should equip himself for PvE. How should each statistic be considered, and why?

Well i just start playing wow ago 3 days ago and still getting use to the new changes and new talent but before 4.0.1 I often prioritise each statistic.

1. Defence - Before 4.0.1, this is 1st priority for tank to prevent crit.
2. Stamina - I alway stack stamina in most to all fight due to the efficient and reliable EH compare to going avoidence out. I alway have to be in the best high stamina geared when fighting magic using boss such as Malygoes and Northrend Beast in WOTLK.
During Progression raid, i will alway be in full stamina to help the healers.
3. Armor - Help spread out the physical damage against melee heavy boss. Saufang for example.. i often switch from stam trinket to armor trinket to help reduce the heavy melee damage from saufang.
4. Hit cap and Expertise - Highly useful for me due to some raid members i know often try to burst right at the start of a raid fight. If the guild finally finish progression through new content and each raid members is more geared then before.. i will decide to maybe change some gems or put in a hit trinket to help keep up with the DPSer TPS.

8. What glyphs do you use and why?

Before patch 4.0.1

Progression raid : Last stand, Shield wall and Shield Slam.. Why? well this is to help the healer but also safeguard at a rough moment such as enrage, your maintank die etc.

for Threat or just farming that raid instance, i often just use shield slam, heroic strike ( i think) and Devestrate or Cleave but it depend on what boss or add there is in that instance/raid).

For prime glyph it will be

Revenge, Dev and shield slam

Major - Long Charge, cleaving and thunder clap

Minor- zerg rage, command and battle shout

9. List the value of your relevant stats:

HP: 38k in prot spec
Armor: 27000
Dodge: 27%
Parry: 20%
Block: 13%
Miss: 10%
Hit: 2.54%
Expertise: 37

(really really rough guess due to my prot war in fury spec for soloing raid instance)

Sorry Sad

10. What are your professions? How do your professions assist you in raiding?

Well I'm currently BS and Mining both 450... I'm currently gonna try and use mining to get BS up to 525 and possible stockpile enough ores to drop mining and powerlevel JC in cata.

11. Do you have any rare patterns/recipes etc. that would benefit the guild? What are they?

No but some Cata recipe for BS look really good for DPS and Tank alike.

12. Have/Had you completed:
- Molten Core Attunement – Yes
- Blackwing Lair Attunement - No
- Karazhan Attunement - Yes
- SSC / TK Attunement - SSC yes, TK (miss out on Keal)
- BT / Mount Hyjal Attunement - No

13. List your reputation standings with the following factions.
Ashtongue Deathsworn: nil
Argent Dawn: honored
Brood of Nozdormu: nil
Cenarion Circle: friendly
Hydraxian Waterlords: neutral
The Scale of the Sands: honored
The Violet Eye: honored
Zandalar Tribe: ?
Argent Crusade: exalted
Kirin Tor: revered
Knights of the Ebon Blade: exalted
Wyrmrest Accord: exalted
The Sons of Hodir: honored
Horde Expedition: exalted
Ashen Verdict: friendly

14. Your real name? Benji

15. How old are you? 21

16. What location do you play WoW from? What is the timezone there? (GMT+?) How do daylight savings changes affect you (note the adjustment of server time by an hour may compound with an adjustment in your time zone by an hour as well)?

Sydney Australia (currently it GMT 11+ but reset back to 10+ in 4-5 months.) Daylight saving affect me but it wont affect anything on WOW... only affect my sleeping time and such... Example 11+ GMT allow me to sleep in 1 more hours and extra daylight.

17. List all Reform members you know and how you know them. What will they have to say about you?

Not sure

18. List your previous guilds, ranks / responsibilities in those guilds, and reasons why you are no longer in those guilds (go into detail with this question).

To be really honest, I can't remember any of the guilds i join in my WOW career due to my "goldfish" memory and my absence from wow for close to a year now.. I know i was in LoTH in the 2007 when my main was the hunter.. All i know is that when i was in those guild, i was often the Maintank and my ranks is around class leader to just raiders.

19. If possible, provide a link to your previous guild's DKP/EPGP site.


20. If possible, provide a link to a recent WWS/WoL report with your previous guild.


21. How many hours and at what times do you play each week?

I'm currently on my holiday so i can play 40+ hours. I will try to powerlevel my warrior when cata hit.

When uni semester start, my play time will be roughly 15+ hours but it really depend on my workload.

22. Please list your /played (Total time played and Time played this level).

Total time is 50 days 12 hours 24min and 10 second

at 80 - 25 days 18 hours 46 minute 40 second

23. What World of Warcraft PvE end-game experience do you have on this character (Pre-BC, BC and WoTLK – go into detail with WoTLK ICC and the roles you have played)?

I have a old warrior before i sold him off in vanilla.. He pretty much clear MC with 1 left binding and Ony.

BC - on my main character

Kara (clear)
Gruul (clear)
mag (clear)
SSC (only Vash left)
TK (only Keal left)
Mount Hjal ( Archi left)


Naxx (clear both 10/25)
Maly (clear only 10)
OS (clear both and 3 drakes)
Uld (clear 10 man to yoggy and 25man to general)
TOC (clear 10man + 25man)
ICC (finish 4/12 before i left wow.. When lord morrowger hit like a massive truck and with no buff) i did get to 6/12 on my rogue tho.

I wish i can finish ICC but PUGs are obsessive with GS (my suck due to my unlucky drop) and most fail around professor Purt)

24. Learning a new boss will most likely involve using a large quantity of consumables and having a large repair bill. Are you self-sufficient when it comes to being prepared with consumables and gold?

I play the AH so yep i'm pretty self efficient and reliable..

25. Having at least the best gear obtainable outside of raid instances is mandatory, and they should be enchanted and socketed with the best enchants and gems. Do you meet this requirement?

Yep because after i hit lv85 i will try and max BS to grab the nice tanking geared and will run multiply heroic for those badges geared. Enchant and Gems are all cover all the time.

26. Are you able to attend all of our progression raid nights from start to finish (this is vitally important and failure to do so will result in your removal from guild)?

yes unless there a major emergency like the house is burning or my computer is on fire... (Joke Joke Razz)

27. Post or provide a link to a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation (ie. killing a boss).

I havent have any screenshot in raid sistuation for awhile due to the recently installing of WOW on to my new computer but it will alway have the necessary addon for myself such as deadly mod and omen (ALWAY when raiding)

28. What are your reasons for applying to join Reform, over another guild?

Well i'm currently looking for 25man and haven't find any until know.

29. Are you currently applying to any other guilds?

No but i'm on "trial" with a casual guild.

30. Being able to communicate on Vent is mandatory. Do you have the ability to speak on Vent? Will you?

yep, i'm a tank so i need to be really really vocal for warning and abilities.

31. Do you have a stable internet connection?

ADSL 2 Unlimited and also Reduce the lagg (wow tunnel) average MS is around 177ms

32. Are you prone to getting capped/shaped/etc?

Not really unless there really good movies/tv series.

33. List some of the specs of the computer you play WoW on.

Q6600 3.0Ghz, 8800GT, 3gb RAM.. want to upgrade but right now i'm saving for a new new DSLR Sad

34. Describe what you think is your defining quality. What will make us want to recruit you over someone else? Realise that a majority of applications contain some variant of a "want to be the best" (this is a great question to convey your personality).

Well during my time in the Army, i alway look after myself but also the man next to me. The best description of quality is someone who can be a individual but think as a team, this will tell the application if he/she just want to be carried etc. I also "want to be the best" but not as a individuals but in a team environment".

I can explain all the cliche stuff like i'm reliable, hard working, team player but it too common so i'm just gonna say that i dont really mind anything but i will alway be on time when raid start, experiment with new spec/rotation and will try to be a helpful guildie.

Only thing i really want is the challenge of teamwork and taking down massive bosses (I dont know why but i think it originate from Ragnorak online)

35. How many achievement points do you have?

4510.. im not a achi whore, i use to in xbox live.

36. Do you have your epic flying mount training?

Yes in all my alt except my warlock

37. How fast have you leveled previously and how fast are you expecting to level to 85?

I was the 16th person to reach lv80 in Thaurrisan so i be fine... really efficient leveler.

38. Have you answered all questions wholly?

Yes ...

39. Anything else you want to add?

I be leveling on a warlock alt call Karliana, If you need a chat or a check up i be on her most of the time until cata kick in.

Thank you.

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2Gayliana - Prot War Empty Re: Gayliana - Prot War on Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:45 am

I remember this guy. He was quite horrible back then. Given, it was about a year or two ago. I remember knowing him back in Naxx days. I don't think he remembers me.

But then again, I STILL remember him. He might have done something horribly bad...I dunno...

I can't remember whether he was in Excrucio (My old guild). Just my 2 cents.

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3Gayliana - Prot War Empty Re: Gayliana - Prot War on Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:17 am


attendance will be a big part for cata and it ends there. If you want to join us by all means let us know. As it stands we can't even use you as an off tank for the remainder of ICC purely from lack of gear, trial and tested.

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