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Holy pally tank Guild App

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1 Holy pally tank Guild App on Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:02 am

1. Character (feel free to include any alts)

2. What is your preferred talent build


3. Briefly explain your priority in stats

Mastery Witch gives me Block Currently at: 48.62% Block

My Dodge is currently: at 11.03%

And My parry is At: 12.75%

Stam is at: 7534 (150k life)

My main stat's are Stam And mastery followed buy parry then Dodge but try and keep the Dodge and parry with in 1-2% difernce

4. What glyphs do you use and why?
Prime Glyph's
1: [Glyph of Shield of the Righteous] More damage more Threat
2: [Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous] More Damage More Threat
3: [Glyph of Seal of Truth] Expetice Cap when i have it on.

Major Glyphs
[Glyph of Consecration] [Glyph of Holy Wrath]
[Glyph of Dazing Shield] All these are all in my rotation and Prove valuable Such as Holy Wrath Stuns Elementals and Dragonkins Damage Midigation.

5. Do you have any rare patterns/recipes etc. that would benefit the guild? What are they?

At this moment i have only JC that will prove benificalt When epic Jems come out

6. What location do you play WoW from? What is the timezone there? (GMT+?) How do daylight savings changes affect you?

Sydney GMT + 10 And Daylight savings effects me.

7. List all Reform members you know and how you know them. What will they have to say about you?

I know nobody in Reform

8. List your previous guilds, ranks / responsibilities in those guilds, and reasons why you are no longer in those guilds (go into detail with this question).

Current Postion in guild was a core raider in Friends guild and i was OT in there.

Wotlk i was not palying much but at start i was in No. 6th guild on server untill we disband and i was core 25man Raid leader as Holy Pally. (Nax when i first came out)

9. If possible, provide a link to a recent WWS/WoL or screenshot of recount/skada in action.


10. Please list your /played (Total time)

On this toon is only 75days 14hrs

11. What World of Warcraft PvE end-game experience do you have on this character (vanilla through to cata)?

Karazhan - Full Clear
Gruul's Lair - 2/2
Magtheridon - 1/1
Naxxaramas - Full Clear
Malygos - 1/1
Sartharion's Lair - 1/1 (HM)
Ulduar - 12/13 (HM)
ToC - 5/5
ICC - 10/12
BoT - 2/4
ToFW - 1/2
BwD - 4/6

12. Are you self-sufficient when it comes to being prepared with consumables and gold?


13. Are you able to attend all of our progression raid nights from start to finish (this is vitally important and failure to do so will result in your removal from guild)?


14. Post or provide a link to a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation (ie. killing a boss).


15. Anything else you want to add? Tell us a Joke!
I have a Funny O in my Name and this is how u do it
ALT + 02259
So its HÓly

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2 Re: Holy pally tank Guild App on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:16 am

ok its been a while since i was a pally tank but i give this a shot.

ok un-enchanted item, one socket unglyphed

i dont quite understand what you are doing with reforging, please explain to me it looks all over the place. This goes for gemming as well.

do you use holy wrath glyph permanently or just for fights where you need it ?

ok so talent points ..

considering your on a rotation the 3 points in judgments of the pure isnt really necessary,

Talents [hallowed ground] and [improved hammer of justice] are useless unless your tanking trash.

[guarded by the light] better option, sorry not an option its the talent you should have.

a tanks gotta move fast right? gotta get to were he has to be in ret you should get [pursuit of justice]
and i suggest not using [eye for an eye] to get there

what priority you give to your moves when entering combat as a main tank lets say tanking a boss. and what rotation do you use and what moves do you give priority to keep agro once you have it?

for my own lols, do you stand in fire? p.s id really like to see a response with your ss in it.. its the least you can do considering no other logs or reports are applicable by you

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3 Re: Holy pally tank Guild App on Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:13 am

pst zethy/unholysin/erick/niktaf for invite for trial

though panarama is right some of the reforge/enchant are inconsistent. 50 crit to bracer? and some pieces arent reforged which could have their dodge/parry reforged into mastery (seeing you are stacking mastery)

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4 Holy pally tank Guild App on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:18 am

i Completly Understand were your comming from guys the only reason i have it all over the shop is my enchanter hasnt been hear for a while and 50crit to bracers i must have forgot about that it was just a filler at the time, before i join ill fix all my jemming and reforging out, there is no point when i can fix it all up to get a satifactury answer from you guys have a look in a few days at my wow armory ill have it all fixed up.

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5 Re: Holy pally tank Guild App on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:43 am

Holy wrote:
Mastery Witch gives me Block Currently at: 48.62% Block

which Smile love Smile
is a better build

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