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Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank

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1 Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:18 am


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2 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:36 am

When was the sarth 3D, when was the ulduar/toc/icc/naxx/maly progression and how far did you go.

Does "400-500 days" mean you've been playing WoW for a year and a half? please type in the command "/played"

I sound mean Shocked

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3 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:44 am

Sorry about the roughness of the app, i'll answer all your questions here,
Sarth 3d was approximately 2010 jan i think, and naxx / maly was all around that time, i think i took a break as they implemented ulduar and toc and icc, i can't give u a precise answer but soon after they were released.
i finished all naxx, maly, ulduar was 10/14, icc was 10/12 , the 400-500 days was /played across all characters i have on wow, it's how much time i spent playing wow. It's ok, it's better to be sure than sorry Smile.

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4 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:43 am

thx for ur interest but this application has already been declined earlier.

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5 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:05 pm

all g, i thought it was more of me withdrawing cuz i got accepted, was all ready to pst for inv, then i found found another guild rather than it been declined. go read the application, i was way worse geared and had no professions.

Here's some quotes to refresh ur memory

By Erik
"Well I'm impressed with your dedication so far and very good attitude so I vote yes, contact lumi, niktaf, zethy, unholysin or luminastus online."
By Unholysin
"Archiving your app due to no pst in game."

It was more of my choice instead of yours.

I don't know about u, but if i was a business owner employing people, and some bachlor came made an app, then soon withdrew it, came back a month later and got his PHD applying again, hallelujah.

p.s also, ur not telling me ur gonna be one of those person who doesn't give anyone a second chance?

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6 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:38 pm

declined earlier as in earlier yesterday when you were in the same party as darkanubixs and erick.

and thanks for trying to refresh my memory but unfortunately I havent been able to forget about some warrior who were totaly clueless while all he knew was to copy kungen on armoury. Have to say you did make my day back then by bringing back some 5-year-old mechanics which was removed from the game long time ago, and confusing your parry with boss parry. Seriously had to thank you for that coz everyone in the guild found it very amusing:P

Also, 'cuz she rather be nice and carry people instead of getting compontent players' I think u should give her some credit for carrying some no experience warrior to 9/12, whereas at the moment I am very tired of trialling unexperienced/clueless tanks. No guilds like players who just jump boat so often without any appreciation, nor they like players who think themselves to be better than they actually are.

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7 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:01 am

cheers grats zethy on your 100th post cheers

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8 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:17 am

i had some awesome ownage comeback saved up for you, but nah, not worth the time or the effort, your insults are just pure tryhards, amatuer should i say? lol

can't out troll a troll, sorry.

please dont think urself any special, don't waste my time checking posts on my app like this, i have way too many app to check.

i guess this will be the last time im ever checking this

high school assignment style website

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9 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:18 am

You know, you could of saved yourself a lot of dignity and self-respect by not responding. By responding, you bit the bait, therefore technically, you were trolled. As that is how trolling works. Unfortunately Zethy wasn't making a troll comment, it was more snide, if anything.

"awesome ownage comeback", makes me seriously ponder your general level of intelligence and/or age (I'm guessing 13?). If your comeback was truly "awesome ownage" you would of said it, with great avidity, with a grin on your face and your dick in your hand whilst you masturbated furiously over your "awesome ownage comeback". I know I sure would of.

Now here is where I school you in a general lesson of humility, regarding WoW and guilds.

All guilds always read other guilds apps. Especially if they are public, like ours are. People will see your application, they will see the childishness and general immaturity you've displayed over a rejected application. Good guilds do not want this. This sort of drama doesn't sit very well with most guilds, as it leads to bullshit later on, and is normally removed at the first sign. That reputation, will follow you. No matter where you transfer, name change etc.


I thank you for your second application, but due to the reasons outlined throughout the topic, we have no position for you, and never will. I advise you leave your shit at 4chan before applying to any other guilds. I also advise apologizing to Tyridian and the officers of Exhumed and sticking with them.

With love and now gtfo,


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10 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:34 am

I could've saved a lot , i rly could. but there wasn't really any to start off with, not with people like you, i could try and explain myself, making you look bad in the process, then u bring more people and it's just gonna get not fun for me anymore, so im gonna be the bigger man here and step out, tbh, i didn't abuse anyone, did i? no one really to apologise to, no one to be sorry to, i was more the one getting abused, nice try though, really nice try turning the tables on me, tbh, been there, done that.

I don't advise myself taking advice from people who is less experienced, could tell from the post u just made, stating the absolute obvious of the obvious.

If you were mature like you make yourself sound like, you'd archive or delete this topic and move on, instead of replying again.

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11 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:29 pm


Are you retarded? If you think you are the bigger man and wish to take the "high road", you wouldn't have gone on about it yet again in another post. Also, your analogy of a person with a Bachelor withdrawing and getting a PhD before reapplying isn't even comparable. The way I see it is that we were happy to take you on at the time but you declined without any communication and when your guild is having a rough time, you're ready to jump boat.

Now that some other officer has decided to decline your application, you proceed to insult the guild. And in your subsequent posts, you make it out as if we're not worth the time but you took the time to make a second application in the first place? On the other hand, I am sure none of us are going to go out of our way to trouble you in future and I hope you show us the same courtesy.

I am going to archive this thread because there need not be any further action.

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12 Re: Strigar - Warrior Protection Tank on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:22 am


or another good example is your father decided to withdraw, too bad he forgot to pull out the second time and resulted with an A grade loser.

lol I don't need a smart come back, fuck off and enjoy warcraft

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