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Kratos - Unholy/Blood Death Knight

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1Kratos - Unholy/Blood Death Knight Empty Kratos - Unholy/Blood Death Knight on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:25 am

Name - Spec Class

1. Do you have our required raiding mods (if not you will be required to have them before your first raid):
- oRA3 – Yes
- Omen3 Threat Meter – Yes
- Deus Vox Encounters – Yes
- EPGP Lootmaster – No

2. Character

3. Is this the character you spend most / all of your time on?

4. Did you level this character from 1-80? (required)

5. Do you have any worthy alts?
No, but I have a level 76 druid I might level later in the expansion

6. What is your preferred talent build? If you play a hybrid class, will you be able to respec according to the raid group's needs? If so, what other talent builds can you accommodate (skill wise and gear wise)? My pref talent build for unholy is 7/1/33 and for blood its 33/6/2

7. Please briefly explain how your class should equip himself for PvE. How should each statistic be considered, and why? Strength and hit rating are very important for DKs at this stage in the expansion, and also mastery helps my diseases do more damage

8. What glyphs do you use and why?
Glyph of Scourge Strike - More damage done to targets
Glyph of Death Coil - 15% more damage done by death coil, no brainer
Glyph of Raise Dead - Helps pet do much more damage and has much more HP for survivability

Glyph of Pestilence - Helps aoe more targets in a larger radius, More DPS
Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increased duration, survive longer and more runic power regeneration
Glyph of Blood boil - Increased aoe dps

Glyph of blood tap - Makes healers not concentrate on healing me
Glyph of Horn of Winter - extra minute on the buff helps raid
Glyph of Resilient Grip - Cooldown reset if target immune = better chance of not missing

Heart Strike - Increased dmg, tank mobs better.
Death Strike - More DMG done by death strike when runic power is higher
Rune Strike - More threat when it critical strikes.

Rune Tap - Helps heal the party by 5%, crucial in fights
Dancing rune weapon - Much more threat against mobs
Blood Boil - Increased radius, more aoe dmg = more threat

Glyph of blood tap - Makes healers not concentrate on healing me
Glyph of Horn of Winter - extra minute on the buff helps raid
Glyph of Resilient Grip - Cooldown reset if target immune = better chance of not missing

9. List the value of your relevant stats:
strength - much more AP, which creates higher DPS
hit - Crucial not to miss targets, lowers DPS
haste - faster rune regen, much more DPS and faster hits

10. What are your professions? How do your professions assist you in raiding?
Mining - Increased stamina, longer survivability
Engineering - Provide me with tools that allow me to survive fights better e.g. parachutes when knocked up in the sky and rocket boots for fast target switching

11. Do you have any rare patterns/recipes etc. that would benefit the guild? What are they? No.

12. Have/Had you completed:
- Molten Core Attunement – Yes
- Blackwing Lair Attunement - No
- Karazhan Attunement - Yes
- SSC / TK Attunement - Yes
- BT / Mount Hyjal Attunement - No

13. List your reputation standings with the following factions.
Ashtongue Deathsworn: N/A
Argent Dawn: Friendly
Brood of Nozdormu: Hated
Cenarion Circle: Friendly
Hydraxian Waterlords: Friendly
The Scale of the Sands: N/A
The Violet Eye: Friendly
Zandalar Tribe: Neutral
Argent Crusade: Exalted
Kirin Tor: Exalted
Knights of the Ebon Blade: Exalted
Wyrmrest Accord: Exalted
The Sons of Hodir: Exalted
Horde Expedition: Exalted
Ashen Verdict: Revered

14. Do you have any legendaries, rare exalted reputations or achievements that will assist the guild?

15. Milos

16. 20

17. What location do you play WoW from? What is the timezone there? (GMT+?) How do daylight savings changes affect you (note the adjustment of server time by an hour may compound with an adjustment in your time zone by an hour as well)? I live in Sydney. GMT 10+, suitable raid times for this realm.

18. List all Reform members you know and how you know them. What will they have to say about you? Goraax, Milfhealer. They <3 me Very Happy

19. List your previous guilds, ranks / responsibilities in those guilds, and reasons why you are no longer in those guilds (go into detail with this question). I was in dath'remar for WOTLK and I was a core raider in the guild. I really wanted to get more progression in Cataclysm and I xferred to Thaurissian to get this opportunity

20. If possible, provide a link to your previous guild's DKP/EPGP site. Guild Did not use DKP/EPGP

21. If possible, provide a link to a recent WWS/WoL report with your previous guild. Guild didnt use WoW Web Stats either.

22. How many hours and at what times do you play each week? I pretty much play everyday unless I am away on a holiday. I can play from 10am to around 12pm on most days.

23. Please list your /played (Total time played and Time played this level). 30 days 14 hours altogether, 3 days 17 hours at 85

24. What World of Warcraft PvE end-game experience do you have on this character (Pre-BC, BC and WoTLK – go into detail with WoTLK ICC and the roles you have played)? Nothing pre-bc, as I didn't start till BC.
BC I cleared all of karazhan, SSC and TK
I quit for a large amount of time and came back with 4months till cataclysm
I still done some core raiding, achieved 7/12 in ICC 10 and 6/12 in ICC 25

25. Learning a new boss will most likely involve using a large quantity of consumables and having a large repair bill. Are you self-sufficient when it comes to being prepared with consumables and gold? Oh yes, im loaded which means i will ALWAYS have food+flasks

26. Having at least the best gear obtainable outside of raid instances is mandatory, and they should be enchanted and socketed with the best enchants and gems. Do you meet this requirement? Yes, however I am still gearing up and will enchant ALL items above 359 iLVL

27. Are you able to attend all of our progression raid nights from start to finish (this is vitally important and failure to do so will result in your removal from guild)? Yes

28. Post or provide a link to a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation (ie. killing a boss).I am not really sure how to upload a picture on the forums, however I can send someone an email over hotmail.

29. Do you PvP? Are you interested in rated BG's / Arena? Casual PVPer

30. What World of Warcraft PvP experience do you have? 1800 rating BC with my warrior (i don't play him anymore now)

31. What are your reasons for applying to join Reform, over another guild? This guild has excellent progression, and I would like to be a core-raider and experience some end game content

32. Are you currently applying to any other guilds? No

33. Being able to communicate on Vent is mandatory. Do you have the ability to speak on Vent? Will you? I have vent installed on all my computer, however my microphone is broken and I am getting a new one (sorry!)

34. Do you have a stable internet connection? Yes

35. Are you prone to getting capped/shaped/etc? No way, haven't been capped since last year

36. List some of the specs of the computer you play WoW on.
NVidia Geforce 9500 GT+
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor
SOLID FPS in all major cities

37. Describe what you think is your defining quality. What will make us want to recruit you over someone else? Realise that a majority of applications contain some variant of a "want to be the best" (this is a great question to convey your personality). I am not an average person and I understand the responsibility I am accepting whilst applying to this guild. I will spend many hours researching boss fights and making sure I get the fights correct and don't screw it up for everybody else in the group. I can turn up to raids and I am a reliable player and can produce solid DPS

38. How many achievement points do you have? 4970

39. Are you interested in contributing towards guild achievements? Yes

40. Do you have your epic flying mount training? Yes

41. How fast have you levelled previously and how fast are you expecting to level to 85? Got to 85 in 2 days after the release of Cata

42. Have you answered all questions wholly? Yes

43. Anything else you want to add? Nope Very Happy <3

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pst me in game

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