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Rebeli Shadow Priest.

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1 Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:07 am

1. Character (feel free to include any alts)

2. What is your preferred talent build
I prefer playing Shadow don't really like healing my priest.
3. Briefly explain your priority in stats
I go Intellect for the extra Mana and SP/ Damage then i go Spirit/ Hit to get hit cap aswell as stacking haste since shadow priests dots tick quicker the more haste you got then Crit for bigger Mind Blasts hits.
4. What glyphs do you use and why?
The glyphs i use are:
Prime Glyph-Glyph of Mind Flay for an extra 10% damage since it is one of my most used spells as shadow.
Prime Glyph-Glyph of Dispersion for extra mana incase i'm going oom in a fight or as a survivability move eg H Chim During Feud less damage your taking for them couple seconds helps the healers a shit load or even during last phase when Chimaeron targets you. You can just dispersion and kite boss for a couple seconds then pop Fade straight away so he runs to someone else next for extra survivability.
Prime Glyph-Glyph of Shadow Word : Pain for the extra 10% damage since it is one of my main DoTs constantly on the boss.
5. Do you have any rare patterns/recipes etc. that would benefit the guild? What are they? None Sorry.

6. What location do you play WoW from? What is the timezone there? (GMT+?) How do daylight savings changes affect you? I live in Australia, Sydney NSW. my Timezone here is GMT+10 and the daylight savings doesnt affect me at all.

7. List all Reform members you know and how you know them. What will they have to say about you? I do know Kazly from when he raided in Last Attempt and I know Syrendra i've got to know him just before Cataclysm came out.

8. List your previous guilds, ranks / responsibilities in those guilds, and reasons why you are no longer in those guilds (go into detail with this question). Last Attempt but i'm over some of the players that act so immature mid raid.

9. If possible, provide a link to a recent WWS/WoL or screenshot of recount/skada in action.

10. Please list your /played (Total time)
83 Days 13 hours 45 minutes on the Priest.
11. What World of Warcraft PvE end-game experience do you have on this character (vanilla through to cata)?
Wrath of The Lich King Progression:
Naxxramas 10 Man 15/15
Naxxramas 25 Man 15/15
EoE 10 Man 1/1
EoE 25 Man 1/1
VoA 10 Man 4/4
VoA 25 Man 4/4
Obsidium Sanctum 10 Man 4/4 + of the nightfall
Obsidium Sanctum 25 Man 4/4 + The Twilight Vanquisher
Ulduar 10 Man 14/14 + Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10 Man and Starcaller
Ulduar 25 Man 13/14 + some Hardmodes
ToC 10 Man 5/5 + Some of the Achieves
ToC 25 Man 5/5 + Some of the Achieves
ToGC 10 Man 5/5 + Insanity
ToGC 25 Man 3/5
Icecrown Citadel 10 Man Normal 12/12
Icecrown Citadel 25 Man Normal 12/12
Icecrown Citadel 10 Man Heroic 12/12 + Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 Man and Bane of the Fallen King
Icecrown Citadel 25 Man Heroic 11/12
Ruby Sanctum 10 Man Normal 1/1
Ruby Sanctum 25 Man Normal 1/1
Cataclysm Progression:
5 Man Cataclysm Drake.
Baradin Hold 10 Man 1/1
Baradin Hold 25 Man 1/1
Bastion of Twilight 10 Man Normal 4/4
Bastion of Twilight 25 Man Normal 4/4
Bastion of Twlight 10 Man Heroic 0/4
Bastion of Twilight 25 Man Heroic 1/4
Blackwing Descent 10 Man Normal 6/6
Blackwing Descent 25 Man Normal 6/6
Blackwing Descent 10 Man Heroic 0/6
Blackwing Descent 25 Man Heroic 1/6
Throne of the Four Winds 10 Man Normal 2/2
Throne of the Four Winds 25 Man Normal 2/2
Throne of the Four Winds 10 Man Heroic 0/2
Throne of the Four Winds 25 Man Heroic 0/2
12. Are you self-sufficient when it comes to being prepared with consumables and gold?
During raid I bring food for the buff, flask's (Flask of the Draconic Mind) for the extra stat increase for Intellect and Potions for increase Haste/Intellect and Critical Strike. I do dailys to get gold for enchants gems and repairs.

13. Are you able to attend all of our progression raid nights from start to finish (this is vitally important and failure to do so will result in your removal from guild)? I can make every night of Reform Raid nights they're actually perfect. I am actually stay back if needed on progression nights an extra 30-45 minutes if needed.

14. Post or provide a link to a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation (ie. killing a boss).
Only thing different is that more health plates down in bottom right hand corner.
15. Anything else you want to add? Tell us a Joke!
I don't have any professions at this point due to the fact its always been an alt up until now where i want to raid with a good guild on it.

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2 Re: Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:31 am

Here's a better recount link and Raid UI Link of Baradin Hold 10 Man.


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3 Re: Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:02 am

Hey mate

A few things:
-Your hit is below 15% which means you have over 2% miss rate which is way too much. I suggest reforging crit into hit.
-Your glyph is wrong, you need glyph of shadow word death over dispersion.

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4 Re: Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:08 am

Yeah the Glyph of Dispersion was really for when i was gearing up to be honest for the extra mana cause i went oom alot while gearing up but since i've got more gear mana is not a problem and i got my tier 11 chest the other day haven't reforged it yet but will do now. I also changed my neckpiece and hit is now currently 16.70% 0.30% off Hit cap

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5 Re: Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:18 am


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6 Re: Rebeli Shadow Priest. on Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:02 am

i also know darkanubisx

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